Attach Receipts From Push Notifications

The Emburse Chrome River app is currently only available to US-based Chrome River Expense users.

If your organization has a corporate credit card feed that supports real-time alerts, you may attach receipts by tapping these push notifications that appear on your mobile device.

Enable Real-Time Notifications in Chrome River

First, you must set up real-time notifications for your corporate credit card transations following these steps in the Chrome River Help Center.

Enable Push Notifications on Your Device

When you installed the Emburse Chrome River app, you were asked to enable push notifications. If you declined permission at the time, you must enable push notifications manually in order to attach receipts this way. 

  • Android: Navigate to Settings > Notifications > App Notifications.

  • iOS: Navigate to Settings > Notifications

Attach a Receipt from a Push Notification

1. Tap the credit card push notification when it appears on your screen.

If you ignore or dismiss the push notification, you may still attach receipts to that credit card transaction later by locating it in the Chrome River eWallet.

RTN - Push Notify.png

2. The Emburse Chrome River Wallet will open and prompt you to either take a photo or select an existing photo.

RTN - Choose How.png

3. You will have the opportunity to add a note before upload. The receipt will appear in the Pending section until it has been processed and moved to section with the corresponding date.

RTN - Pending.png

4. The merged transaction will appear in the Credit Card section of the eWallet inside Chrome River.

RTN - Merged.png

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